About BDA

Bellbrook Dance Academy has been in business for 28 wonderful years. Even though we have a large student base, we strive to keep that “family-oriented” feeling in our studio. Bellbrook Dance Academy is a place where dancers are part of something more than just dance classes. In fact, many of the dancers call BDA “their second home.” We love our students and feel honored to be a part of their lives. A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We want to make your dance experience positive, fun and exciting and we are committed to excellence. We believe “It’s about more than dance, it’s about motivating young people to be the best they can be.”

We have a loving and qualified staff who are committed to nurturing creative interest which will provide valuable life skills such as confidence, commitment, time management, and achievement of personal goals. At BDA, we believe it is important to take instruction from many different instructors and to pick up on many different styles. Our staff is passionate about the art of dance and the studio is not a place of “work” for us; as a matter of fact, most of the staff have been affiliated with our studio for a number of years which speaks volumes and it is a place where we love being as well!! It is not only a great place for our students but is a great place to work!! Our staff includes:

  • Lynn Webb (director)
  • Miss Meredith
  • Miss Angela
  • Miss Christa
  • Miss Carrie
  • Miss Lexi
  • Miss Candace
  • Miss Monica
  • Miss Ami
  • Miss Molly
  • Miss Lindsay
  • Miss Tracie
  • Miss Jackie
  • Mr. Lloyd Bryant
  • Miss Katelin
  • Miss Sallie
  • Miss Hailey
  • Miss Traci
  • Miss Beth

Throughout the season and the summer, we also bring in “guest teachers” from around the country to teach Master Classes. When you walk in to the studio, you will be greeted by one of our front desk managers - Suellen, Jennifer, Tina, Amy, and Carrie. They will be glad to show you around and find a class that suits you best. We have two-way mirrors and you may view each and every class while you are at the studio. We also offer Live Feeds so you or your family may view any classes at any time when you cannot be at the studio. Zoom is continually running for any makeup classes, for viewing and if you can't make it for your class.

We recognize that dance classes have a different meaning for individual students. There are recreational dance classes, as well as classes for those who wish to compete and go further in their dancing. Our classes are extremely fun, high energy and we hope to not only build a solid foundation, but also to provide our students with priceless and memorable life experiences and friendships. Throughout the season, we have Dance Parties, Movie Nights, PJ Parties, Pizza Parties and Princess Parties. We also offer 4 and 6 week courses on the weekends so you can get extra training or learn a different style of dance.  You can also schedule your Birthday Party at the studio!!

We are SO VERY PROUD of our students at BDA and they are the “heart and soul” of our school!! Our students care and give back as much as they can and they have started a program called “Dancers Making A Difference.”  They have helped so many organizations and together they have really made an impact in many lives.  Some of their projects include “Leaps of Love” for Haiti ($3,500.00 collected), “Kicks for a Cure” for breast cancer ($1,200.00 collected), “PJ/Book Party” (49 pounds of new pajama’s and books were collected and sent to “The Pajama Program”), food and miscellaneous items were sent to our Troops, the “Go Green” Project, performing at Nursing Homes and many more. We have not only amazing dancers in our studio but AMAZING PEOPLE!!!

We are a performance-oriented school and our Recital is a major event!! Our staff, our dancers and our parents have earned a reputation for presenting an exciting and entertaining production. Music is what moves us and we feel there are so many songs we can choose that are energetic and free from inappropriate content. Costumes are certainly an exciting part of the performance and we love that our dancers wear outfits that are tasteful and flattering yet fun and full of color. A lot of care and thought go into our decisions and we are proud that our Recitals are age-appropriate and classy.

It is such a blessing to be able to share our love of dance with so many students in such a wonderful community and it is very rewarding to see how they grow and progress each year. We are thankful for our loyal families and staff and we look forward to the future!